In the Heart of the Cultural quarter of Liverpool City centre lies a building of unique design and purpose.

The Liverpool Masonic Hall was built in 1872 on the site of the Liverpool Masons original building, which was a large house. Having built this substantial edifice, it became evident that the membership of Freemasonry in Liverpool was so high that they needed more space. This prompted the extending of the building and the redesign of the entrance. The building was increased in size by 25% to what stands there today.


New Events taking place at the Hall.
This is a regularly updated section that focuses on special events at the Masonic Hall.

Regalia for sale with proceeds going to the Liverpool Masonic Hall.
The West Lancs Regalia team have been working hard to raise fund for our Hall.

Fund Raising to help our Hall.
The Masonic Hall members are working tirelessly to raise funds to see our hall refurbished and looking as good as it ever has.


Freemasonry in Liverpool.
Freemasonry has historically been a large part of the society of Liverpool. Mayors, Businessmen, Footballers, Celebrities and all manner of working men from the area have all been members of the craft at one time or another.

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